Monday, 23 April 2012

Novak's Post Final Press Conference

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Novak, please.

Q.  It's been a tricky week for you in every respect.  Was there a sense perhaps today, as we felt, that everything caught up with you a little bit, and perhaps that reflected a little bit in your performance today?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  I definitely don't want to take away anything from Rafa's win.  I mean, he deserved to win today.  He was a better player. But it's a fact that I just didn't have any, I think, emotional energy left in me.  So I was there physically, you know, game wise I was playing okay throughout the week.  But, yeah, it was a bad day. If I wanted to have any chance of winning against Rafa on clay, you know, I needed that extra gear, which I didn't have.

Q.  Did you feel that he played at a higher level than when you beat him on clay last year?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  He always plays well on clay.  He rarely, rarely plays worse than he usually does.  It's been like that throughout the years.  Actually, he has been improving.  I think today he played just enough to win.  I made a lot of unforced errors.  I just wasn't there.  You know, I didn't play well. He took his opportunities first set and made a break, and that's it.  I didn't make him play at all, you know.  I just was out there trying to put the ball in the court.

Q.  After you lost the first set 6 3, normally you are a fighter, second set you were down 4 0, didn't seem that there was a way to change the game.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Yeah, it's a strange feeling really.  What can I say?  You know, I never been caught up in this kind of emotional situation before.  I'm just happy to reach the finals really under the circumstances. 

It's been a very difficult week for me to go through mentally. I won three matches since the news that I got.  I mean, I think I did pretty well.  Obviously today I faced a better player.  I didn't have enough to win against him.  That's all I can say really. I just hope to have enough time now to regroup and to rest and to recharge the batteries and move on.

Q.  Would you say this final shouldn't count as a trend for the rest of the season, that it's an exception?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  You know, every win is a win.  Look, as I said on the start, I don't want to take anything away from his win.  He won the tournament.  It's the finals.  Definitely everything counts, you know.  It's not an exhibition event.

So, you know, I will try to come back.  I will try to come back and play my best.  I feel good on the court game wise.  I just need to get my things straight in the head.

Q.  Everyone could see that you were not the real Djokovic today.  What was going through your mind when you were playing and you realized also that you were in trouble?  You lost five times your serve without ever reaching deuce.  What is your feeling?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Well, I just explained.  It's just that feeling that I didn't experience before.  Yeah, you know, it's a very mental game.  That's the bottom line.  You can feel physically well, you can feel well the whole tournament, and then the day of the finals, whatever, if something goes wrong, if you don't feel as confident on the court or as clear in your mind, as focused, the game falls apart. That's what happened to me.

Q.  Given the circumstances, you've done very well to be here.  Do you think somewhere down the line maybe you'll look back on this and feel a great sense of pride about what you've done this week?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Yeah, I definitely should.  I'm encouraged by a lot of people.  I'm very grateful for that, especially the support of the close ones, the team, the girlfriend, my brothers were here, friends.  You know, every day I'm in touch with my family back in Serbia. It's been a tough week, not just for me but for everybody in my family.  We're going through this together.  You know, in the end I've played finals and I'm really happy for that.  So I need to move on and try to look better and feel better on the next one.

Q.  There have been many outstanding achievements in this sport.  Winning a title eight times in a row, what do you make of that as an individual achievement?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  My head's down.  There's not many words you can normally say.  Fantastic, impressive.  The way he's been treating this sport is a real example of a champion, you know.  He's one of my biggest rivals, but I only have nice things to say about him. He's been achieving so much.  Every year he comes back and he looks like he's the first time in this place.  I have to give him credit.

Q.  Do you think due to the tragic loss you will make some change in the next couple of weeks in your tournament schedule to get a little bit more rest?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Well, we are about to see really because it's still just half an our from the end of the match, so I need to talk with my people and see what is the best solution for me to feel better, to get better.

Right now, you know, I'm here and I obviously have to go to visit my grandfather's grave and see, because I wasn't there on funeral yesterday.  So I'll be there.

Q.  Do you think finally the last word about this tournament is the unique situation here technically, not because of the ball, the surface, the wind, your personal problems, or is it a unique situation which doesn't count too much?

NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  No, again, you know, I got the same question.  I don't want to say it doesn't count.  Everything counts, look.  Is it a unique situation for me this week?  Yes, it is. Well, look, you know, me playing the five, six times I played in Monte Carlo, honestly I never felt such a strong wind and change of directions. 

But it was the same for every player.  It's the same for all of us.  Rafa just has a better way of playing in these conditions.  So he uses that to his advantage over the opponents.

Rafa's Post Final Press Conference

THE MODERATOR:  First question for Rafa, please.

Q.  Do you think you played the perfect game on serve and return today? 

RAFAEL NADAL:  I think never nothing is perfect.  That's the true.  I played a very, very good first set, in my opinion, very solid after he start very good in the first game.  He had 15 30.  The second game, the serve was very important.  The three serves saved my game in the second game.

After that I'm happy how I played the first set.  My serve worked very, very good.  Sure, I had a few free points with the serve.  But most important thing, after the serve, I had the chance to go inside with my forehand a lot of times, so this makes a big difference, no?

First set for me was very, very important.  I played a very high level.  Second set he had much more mistakes than usual.

Q.  Nobody would like to take anything away from your eight wins in Monte Carlo, which is a great achievement.  But today didn't you feel that Djokovic wasn't the real best Djokovic?

RAFAEL NADAL:  No, Djokovic wasn't the real best Djokovic.  In other finals that I played against him, I wasn't my real best, too.  But the real best are both.  My real best is when I play well and when I play bad.  The real Rafa is not only when I play my best.  The real Rafa is when I play well, when I don't play that well.
If I take that for myself, the same for the others.

Djokovic had amazing one year and a half, having always perfect, no mistakes.  Today, yes, he had more mistakes than usual.  I won 6 3, 6 1.  Win 6 3, 6 1 is for sure not normal to win against the best player of the world today.  But happened.  Very happy for my victory.  Sorry for him.  But that's sport.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  Sometimes you play fantastic, sometimes you play normal, sometimes you play worst.

Today I played a very good first set.  In my opinion, he didn't have a very bad first set.  In the second, yes, but not in the first.

Q.  It seems to me that you put more speed on your first serve.  Do you agree with that?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I had the right feeling on the first serve.  I served a little bit more wide than usual.  The speed was between 178 to 198 almost every serve.  If you have the right percentage, that's enough.  If you put the balls to the right places, is enough speed.  And today was a very high percentage, in my opinion, very good directions, no?  So I'm very happy.

Q.  What is the secret, you have won many tournaments, but you win one tournament eight times?  What is the secret about Monte Carlo?  You have wind, soft ground.  Is this the reason you play every year on such a high level?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I always loved this tournament, seriously, since I was a kid.  One of my dreams was play here.  Is a historic tournament that you see all your idols when you are a kid playing here.  Is a tournament that I think everybody wants the right to play.

To have eight victories, the first thing that must happen is lucky because you have to be in the right way, no injuries, perfect conditions for eight years in a row.  That the first thing.

Second thing, you have to be playing almost perfect to win eight titles in a row, especially in a Masters 1000.  Best players of the world play always.  You have to win against the best.  If you see the finals I win here, all the finals are against probably top six players.  That's something that makes the victories even more difficult, no?

So a few facts must be unified finally to happen this very special situation, and happened, so very happy.  Just can say thank you very much all the organization, all the people who came here support me year by year, all the people who make possible this tournament.  Is fantastic because probably is one of the best organizations of the world.

Q.  In what time during the final did you feel you were going to be the winner?

RAFAEL NADAL:  With the 5 1, 40 15.  That's the feeling.  But when you lose seven times, when you are in Australia have 4 2, 30 15, easy backhand down the line, that stays in your mind, no?  So to break this confrontation about the seven loses, you have to be very focused all the time, no?

Even with the 5 1, before the game, I didn't know if I going to win.  I know I am in a very good position to win, but always with the humble, with the calm that everything can happen.

Q.  You have a lot of reasons to be happy today.  What is the biggest reason for you to be happy?  The fact you beat Novak or that you won this tournament again?

RAFAEL NADAL:  The first thing for me is I win Monte Carlo.  The Monte Carlo is the more beautiful 1000 tournament for me.  To start the clay court season winning here is amazing feeling.  I said before, but this tournament is very special for me.  That's the first reason.

Second reason, my level of tennis was high during the last four matches, since the second round.  My level of tennis was very high.  Today the first set was the higher moment during all the week, no?  For that reason I must be very happy.

Sure, the last win against Novak in final after a few ones losing is for sure important result for me.

Q.  You've had to withstand quite a few upsets in finals recently.  How satisfying is it to beat the world No. 1 and win one of these trophies again psychologically going into the rest of the year?

RAFAEL NADAL:  Sure, is important, very important break the bad (losing streak).  So is important to break that situation.  Is important to win the tournament another time.  Especially what tournament is.  Is not same one tournament than another.  Break that situation, winning Masters 1000, one of my favorites, is everything perfect today.

Tomorrow will be another day practicing in Barcelona to be ready for the tournament.  Very happy for that.  The only thing that can give me this victory here is the positive energy to keep working hard, to keep try my best every day.

Right now just start the clay court season better than possible without losing a set.  But next tournament, have a tough draw in Barcelona, a lot of good players there.  Have to be ready for that.  I have to try.

Q.  You came into the tournament a bit worried about your knee.  Do you feel totally happy with the knee now? 

RAFAEL NADAL:  I am very happy because my knee is not limiting me no one movement.  I can run 100% of conditions.  That the most important thing.  I still feeling little bit.  You have pain, but you feel you can run to every ball, the pain never is a problem.  Today, that's the situation, and I'm very happy.

Q.  Do you plan to train more light for the upcoming weeks?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I plan to keep practicing like always usually.  Normal practice, try to be ready for next week.  Going to be important week for me.  Always play in Barcelona is a special feeling.  Try to have just little bit of practice tomorrow and a good practice on Tuesday and try to be ready for Wednesday.

Q.  Six wins in Roland Garros, eight wins in Monte Carlo, what stands out more first?  Today when you broke Djokovic five times, he never reached deuce.  How do you explain this?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I said before, if you want I repeat, but my serve worked well.

Q.  On his serve. 

RAFAEL NADAL:  Okay, I didn't understand the question.

I said yesterday in the press conference that I have to return a little bit more aggressive, I have to return a little bit longer.  I did.  I did a very good backhand return, very long ones.  After that, against his forehand, try to not opening a lot the court.  When you open the court to him, against most of the players you are in a good situation, but against him not, because he's able to open you more later with the next shot.

So try to hit long, but more to the middle.  Then I try to have the control of the point with my forehand.

Understood that he didn't serve perfect, but when I was able to return the ball, my returns was almost every time very good, no?  The few important ones very high, along with my forehand against his backhand, in the advantage position.  After that I felt that I can change the directions.

Q.  Yesterday you said it was a little bit too early to face Djokovic.  Actually it was not too early to face him. 

RAFAEL NADAL:  Finally not (smiling).  But that was my feeling yesterday.  I am not lying you.  I told you what I really feel, no?  I felt that against Simon I played very long points and I felt a little bit more tired than usual because I didn't practice a lot my fitness for the last three weeks.  That was my feeling.

But today I played aggressive.  I had a few long rallies.  But at the same time I tell you the match against Wawrinka and Simon helped me to be more fit for the next matches because play long points, your body does better.

Q.  Have you made a decision if you want to play for the Davis Cup?

RAFAEL NADAL:  Remain a lot of months to play the semifinals of Davis Cup.  I cannot think about that having the Barcelona tournament next week.

Q.  You will make the decision later?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I will make a decision.  My body will take the decision.  I was thinking to play maybe in the second round against Austria at home, because was a great week for me to prepare the clay court season, practicing one week there with the best players.  But my knee says not.

I cannot predict the future.  I don't know how I gonna be after the US Open.  Let's go day to day.  If all the situation are the right one, hopefully I will be there.  But depends on a lot of things.

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Rafa's Battle To Stay At Number 2?

I have had a quick look at the current rankings and even though Rafa is on a high right now after the 8th consecutive win in Monte Carlo does he need to be looking over his shoulder?

The current difference in points between Rafa & Roger is only 835.  Take away both players Clay points from 2011 and that leaves Rafa at Number 3, a whopping 1550 points behind Roger.  Even if Rafa wins this week in Barcelona (final on my birthday) that still leaves a gap of over 1000 points that he needs to gain EXTRA to Roger to stay at Number 2..

Of course mixed into all this is Novak but he is 3555 points ahead so can "afford" to have a slight slide on the clay.

This is something I shall be keeping an eye on over the coming weeks. 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Team Rafole Match Photos

Video Wrap-Up From Monte Carlo


Rafa (Spanish)


Trophy Presentation (Spanish)

Bleacher Report Article - How Important is Rafael Nadal's Monte Carlo Win Over Novak Djokovic....Read Here

Rafa's Road To Twenty Masters Titles Courtesy Of The ATPWorldTour

It's Rafa's Turn Today

8 on the spin now in Monte Carlo, a record I think that will stand forever.

I did not catch the match as I am out today but the score line looks impressive from Nadal's point of view. 6-3 6-1 against the player that frankly has been beating you easy over the past year is going to be a huge boost for Rafa.

What happened to Novak? I will not make excuses but had the emotion of this week finally got to him? He made the decision to play and I am sure he gave it his all but it was just not quite enough today.

Is it Rafa's turn to hold aloft the winners trophies?

I personally think it is only 30-15 to Rafa right now. Novak has come a long way with his mental strength and will be quite philosophical about this week as a whole.

Rafa has to build on this, he has to play well in Barcelona and not lose focus.

Will this match have a bearing on the next three tournaments that both players will compete at (Madrid, Rome, French Open)?

One thing for sure, those three tournaments have been blown wide open today. By that I mean the other players in the mix, notably Federer, will look at this week and think "maybe I can beat Novak, maybe if I do this or that I have a shot at Rafa. Whatever happens I hope this is the start of a classic clay season.

Vamos Rafa
Chin up Novak

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rafa Speaks After Semi Final Win


Team Rafole Semi Final Wrap

Match report

Novak Djokovic takes a seven-match win streak in finals into Sunday's Monte Carlo Masters title showdown with Rafael Nadal where he hopes to shatter the Spaniard's dream of an epic eighth straight trophy.

Top seed Djokovic battled into his second career final in the principality on Saturday, overcoming a stiff challenge from Czech sixth-seed Tomas Berdych 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

Nadal extended his winning run at Monte Carlo, which dates back to 2005, to 41 victories in a row by defeating French ninth-seed Gilles Simon 6-4, 6-4, finishing his semi-final with a scorching forehand winner on the first of three match points.... Full Story Here by ChannelNewsAsia

Novak & Rafa ReachThe Final

At times today I really thought he was not going to make it to the Final. He looked very out of sorts at time and Tomas was on his game for the first 2 sets.

Rafa has literally just hit a winner to make another final here in MC. So it is Team Rafole in the final tomorrow.

I will dig out some photos and hopefully some video of Rafa giving his thoughts too.

Rafa & Novak Unite Over Madrid Blue

How can Madrid be taken be taken seriously? The latest stunt by the nut job that is Tiriac is blue clay.

When the story broke back in October players were vocal in their displeasure at the move from the traditional red clay to blue. I remember Roger being asked about it at a press conference at the Paris Masters.

Rafa was also quick to join in the chorus of angry words from the players. As the tournament draws closer once again those voices have raised again.

Novak's thoughts:

Novak Djokovic says the world's top tennis players are angry that next month's Madrid Masters, a key tournament in the build-up to the French Open, will be played on blue clay.

"Sometimes change is good. I like innovative and creative people," said Djokovic after reaching the Monte Carlo Masters semi-finals on Friday.

"But, on the other hand, it's going to be the only blue clay court tournament in the world, first time ever in history. To be honest with you, as far as I know, most of the top players I talked to, nobody has agreed."

Djokovic named Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as sharing his doubts about the wisdom of the publicity-generating experiment from master showman Ion Tiriac.

"I've never played on blue clay, Rafa hasn't, Roger hasn't. We're going on there and we're going to play for the first time ever.

"We don't even know if it's a natural blue clay because natural clay is a red clay."

Djokovic added: "I'm not really too happy about it. It's going to be interesting to step on the blue clay. All credit to the tournament. I'm not blaming them. They fight for their own."

But the Serb said that changes need to be made to the rule which allowed former president of the ATP, Adam Helfant, to back the change in the surface.

"There is a certain rule that the president is able to make decisions by himself without having players agree. That rule has to be changed because it's not fair. That's what happened last year. That is why Madrid has a blue clay."

Rafa's thoughts:

"My opinion, it's a mistake," said the Spanish world number two.

"You are in the middle of the clay court season, and the clay here in Europe is red.

"Madrid is the only tournament you are playing at high altitude, and then now you are putting a different colour of clay. Madrid is big enough not to need this promotion. The history of the clay court season is on red, not blue."

Courtesy: NDTV

Novak Talks After Haase Victory

Taken from Novak's press conference of Friday 20 April.

“Yesterday I received the news at wrong time,” Djokovic said. “Today was a bit better, but still a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout the match. But look, you know, I’m playing tennis. I’m very satisfied that I was able to, you know, compose myself and get on the court and try to win matches.”

“But I’m a professional in one hand, and life goes on,” he said. “I know that I cannot change anything now. Obviously it’s what life gives you and takes you. It’s a normal circle of life. I was very close to him, so it was a big loss for me and all the family. But he’s with me, I know that, in spirit. I’m remembering only the nicest memories, and that’s what gave me strength to play yesterday and today.”

“No, it’s not possible,” Djokovic said. “It’s a very sensitive thing to talk about really. Every religion has a different way of proceeding, the funerals, life itself. I like to believe that when a person goes away from this world, the spirit stays and just moves to another living being, and we should celebrate the life that that person left behind. So I tried to focus on that. Obviously it’s not an easy task to talk about because you keep on thinking about a person not being present. But, look, you know, I have the nicest memories only. I would like it to stay that way.”

The funeral will be today so Novak cannot attend. Hopefully he can find the strength to overcome Tomas today and continue his run.

Ajde Nole!!!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Rafa Post Match Interview

English Interview

Spanish Interview

Courtesy: ATPWorldTour

Team Rafole - The Match-up Is Still On

Will they both make it to the final on Sunday?

That horrible thing called work once again got in the way of watching either of the boys play today.  I was interested in how both would fair today, Novak obviously with other things on his mind and Rafa up against Stan who is not too a shabby player on his day.

Reading match reports/comments and watching the scoreboard it seems that Novak started very slowly but was gradually able to get himself the win against Robin.  It did seem that no one wanted to hold serve as there was 11 breaks in the match.  Thankfully Novak won 7 of those breaks for a 6-4 6-2 win.

One thing I have seen a few times now from Novak, he is starting games slow, taking time to get into them.  Not sure I am keen on this.  Of course I am sure it is not intentional but I always think it is better to be the front-runner in a match.  The way he can play and the fear he has put into some players means he will always have the momentum.  All that said, he got there and will play Tomas Berdych for a place in the final.

Rafa on the other hand had an more straight-forward match against Stan.  The scoreline looks tight, 7-5 6-4 but I don't think there was a point in the match when you thought "oh no".  I think we can put this match into the "efficent" category, nothing spectacular or brilliant because it did not need to be.  The all French affair is still on court right now so we don't know who Rafa will play.  I think of the two, Jo will give Rafa more of a game.  We shall see tomorrow.

Meanwhile Vamos & Ajde


Thursday, 19 April 2012

Rafa's Post Match Press Conference

Rafa was also Hot Shot of The Day.

Courtesy: ATPWorldTour

Team Rafole Marches On

Novak overcame a very difficult situation today to book his place in the QF tomorrow. Only a few hours after the death of his beloved Grandfather Novak took to the court against Dolgopolov. In the first set he looked like he really wanted to be some place else, which was completely understandable. Then something clicked and the new Novak was there, hitting the winners and fighting his way to the finish line.

Novak was very emotional at the end of the match, his arms were raised up to the heavens and the tears rolling from his eyes. He barely signed the tv camera as is custom nowadays then left the court with his Brother Marko.

In the next match Rafa had a much easier time when he barely broke sweat to overcome Mikhail Kukushkin with the loss of only two games. There was certainly no sign of any knee problems at all, which is good news. Stan & Nico are still playing right now so we don't know who will be facing Rafa on Friday.

Novak Loses Grandfather

Very sad reports coming out from Monte Carlo that Novak's Grandfather has died :-(

Several Tweets have appeared from Brad Gilbert but it appears that Novak will play today. Neil Harman has too commented on his Twitter account.

Understandably Novak was in tears when he was told the news on the practice court. Who told him I don't know but why do it in public? Surely there would have been lots of people watching him, not something I would like to have witnessed.

Anyway, Novak I am sure I speak for all your fans and fans of the game when I say all our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family at this very sad time. Play or not, we are with you.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Nadal & Djokovic Post Match Press Conference

Courtesy: ATPWorldTour

Rafa & Novak Make Positive Starts

Both players came though in straight sets, Rafa beat Nieminen 6-4, 6-3 and Novak beat Seppi 6-1, 6-4.

I was not able to watch bar a 20 minutes of Novak but reading the reports it seems that Rafa had the easy day of the two.

Rafa showed no signs of knee trouble but Novak was pushed in the 2nd set.

Next up for Rafa is Kukushkin after he beat Volandi in 3. Dolgopolov is the next test for Novak due to his win over Tomic in 3.

Monte Carlo Begins For The Boys

Sorry for the lack of action here but I have been away in London without my laptop.

So today is the day when our boys take to the dirt. I have not had much chance to read their post tournament pressers but someone I know made a passing comment that Rafa does not feel confident right now due to his knees. All I can say is that I hope once he walks out against Andreas Seppi that all the doubts drift away. I hope he plays in an aggressive mode as a prolonged match is just what he does not need.

As for Novak I shall presume that he is raring to go and do well at what is in effect his "home tournament".

I shall keep an eye on the scores whilst at work (naughty me) and bring you photos & reports after both matches have finished.

Vamos & Ajde Team Rafole

Friday, 13 April 2012

Rafa Is Back In Training

Rafa has confirmed that all is good with his knee ahead of the start of the Clay season. He is back in training at the Manacor tennis club (in Mallorca) to prepare for Monte Carlo, where he is going for 7 in A Row, then onto Barcelona, where is also has 6 titles.

The Monte-Carlo Masters is from April 16-22.

The Barcelona Open is from April 23-29.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Rafa Auctions A Kia For His Foundation

Rafa's words have been kindly translated (see Comments under the video)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pierre At The Tennis

How bloody cute is this, Pierre at the Davis Cup with Novak & Jelena.

In my hunt for other "Pierre" news I came across his official Twitter.  It seems he is rather friendly with Maggie May Murray.  Could we be having Tennis Pups one day?

Team Rafole to Play At Real Madrid

The pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium has played host to many a great football player but on 14 July it will host Team Rafole :-)

Today Real Madrid confirmed that Rafa and Novak will play a charity exhibition match to raise money for the Realmadrid Foundation and the Rafa Nadal Foundation

Here is the offical statement from Real Madrid:

"The pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will turn into a tennis court on 14 July for a charity match between Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

"It will be organised by the Realmadrid Foundation and the Rafa Nadal Foundation, hoping to gather a record 80,000+ crowd and collect proceeds for projects developed by both foundations."

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Rafa On The Olympic Tube Map

Courtesy: ATP

Full PDF Map Here 

Fancy owning a unique Tube Map in honour of the 2012 Olympics in London?

All the stops have been renamed to reflect a past Olympic Gold Medalist.  Of course this means that Rafa as well as Roger has a place on the map.  2004 Doubles Champions Fernando Gonzalez, Nicolas Massu, 1996 Singles Champion Andre Agassi, 1992 Doubles Champions Michael Stich and Boris Becker are also included.

The map is for sale via the TfL Shop priced £4.99. Click here for details

Back In Business

Wow, I missed you guys & gals so much.  I can't stay away no matter how busy I am.  What I have done though is to merge Rafa & Novak together to create Team Rafole.  I hope you enjoy.

It will be a lot easier to run the site jointly but don't worry the content will still be the same as before.  One thing I would like to point out, both players are equal here, no favorite, no one better than the other and that goes for you the viewers too. 

Please bear with me as I continue to add to site and settle on the best layout etc.  If you think something is missing from the site then please let me know.

So welcome to Team Rafole :-)