Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Nadal Is OUT of The US Open - CONFIRMED

Rafa has just Tweeted that he will not be in New York to contest the US Open.

"I am very sad to announce that I am not ready to play the US Open in NY. Thanks to my fans for their support and specially, the new yorkers."

This comes as no surprise really given the length of time he has been out  (nearly 4 weeks) and no sign of any kind of actual court practice.

Where does this leave Rafa now?  Will he play again this season?  Rumours are circulating that he will write-off 2012 in order to give himself maximum time to be ready.

Whenever he does return I just hope it is when he is ready and can give it 100%.

Vamos Rafa, we are all with you!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Finally, I can watch some tennis

I have been a very busy bee these last few weeks and I can only apologise for lack of posting.

I have returned from London after working as an Olympic Games Maker in the Athletes Village.  Alas I did not see Novak walking around as he was staying near to Wimbledon.  When I did see him there is was when he lost the Bronze medal match to Del Potro :-(

But still no Rafa :-( Will he miss the US Open ?  If he cannot compete to a high level would it not be best for him to continue his rehab and skip the tournament?  Whatever happens I just want to see Rafa back on the court when he is fit and healthy.

Back to Novak.  Let's hope that the form from Toronto carries over into this week though I am sure the competition will be stronger now that all the top guys are a little more rested from London.