Friday, 29 June 2012

Did That Really Happen?

I have left it until today to write so as not to make any rash comments.

I was travelling to Wimbledon yesterday and could not get into the grounds at 19.30 to watch the match.  Instead we went off for some food and I kept an eye on the match via my phone.  We made it home in time to see Rafa broken in the 5th set.

I don't know how Rafa was playing during the first 4 sets but in the 5th he seemed lost.  All the kudos in the world to Lukas for playing some beautiful tennis and serving like a demon.  He really had nothing to lose and just went straight for the jugular.

So what now for Rafa?  I thought back to a few years ago, when he won the Aussie Open, as much as some seem to like him I don't really care for Toni.  I think Rafa could be a much better variety player if he had someone else on board. 

Like I said, I did not see the whole match but I can bet for a good part of it Rafa did not change his gameplan when it became evident that he was in for a rough ride.  I saw him try to S&V a bit in the 5th, you don't start to play aggressive and finish off points when you are knee deep in the shit, you stay before you get that far.

Anyway Toni talk is for another day.  Rafa needs to go and think, think hard about his career and what he wants from the remainder of it.  No doubt he is king on clay but that part of the season is short.  Still idea maybe but how about asking if he can play Hamburg on the clay, if anything just to get him back into a winning mindset?

So no Rafa for me at Wimbledon this year but I do have Novak and today I am on Centre Court so I will be shouting lots of "Ajde Nole".

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