Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rafa Rules Again

So far in the Clay battles of Team Rafole is it is 2-0 to Rafa.

I only caught part of the match due to work commitments but from what I did see Novak seemed to be playing right into Rafa's hands with his game plan. I was very surprised he did not change it up a bit and be more aggressive.

With all that said I was impressed with Rafa, especially in the forecourt. When he comes forward he more often than not hits a winner. I really wish he would do that more often instead of grinding.

Anyway, Rafa is now back at Number 2 so the final is a possibility in Paris. It will be very interesting to see which one of them draws Roger as I think that will be the testing match, I can't see Murray beating either of Team Rafole in the other possible semi final.

I will be away for 3 weeks covering Roland Garros & Halle for The Tennis Times but I will make sure I post links to my reports here.  Keep an eye on my Twitter & Facebook pages.

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