Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nadal - No To Madrid In 2013

It is a shame Rafa never came out with this kind of strong statement before.  Oh I know he has said it is wrong to change the colour but the only way to fight a tournament is to not play.  The problem could have been sorted before the tournament even started if the players said no, if the clay is blue I won't be there.

Rafa has spoken in his presser:
“Being able to move is very important for me and if I can’t move well, I can’t hit the ball well either,” said Nadal, a two-time Madrid champion. “If things don’t change, this will be one less tournament on the calendar for me.

“This surface destabilizes the game. It is a completely different game and I don’t want to take risks.”
After finally ending his run of defeats again Rafa, Verdasco lay on his back for a while, hugged his team like he had won the trophy then started to cry as he sat in his chair.
“After losing so many times against honestly the best player on clay ever, to beat him on clay is the maximum,” said an emotional Verdasco. “I don’t have words. I am happy for the win, although it is difficult to hold myself together now. I need to calm down, rest and get ready for the next match.”

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